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Dr. Russ Ferstandig

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Shore Behavioral Medicine: Russell Ferstandig, M.D., Medical Director

Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine & Behavioral Medicine in Manasquan, New Jersey

Thank you for taking the time to look at the website for Shore Behavioral Medicine. I am excited about our recent name change to better serve all residents of Monmouth county in New Jersey. During the past 35 years of experience in general psychiatry; behavioral and addiction medicine; biofeedback, medical and surgical emergency medicine; and human behavior consulting to Fortune 500 corporations, I have accumulated invaluable experience about the most effective methods to deliver services to patients.

My ongoing educational efforts during my career include the following:

• Board certification in psychiatry in 1981
• Masters from NYU in interactive electronic communications in 1992
• Certification in addiction medicine in 1994
• Drug Enforcement Agency waiver/certification to dispense Suboxone in 2006
• Board certification by the newly formed American Board of Addiction Medicine March, 2013
• Annual educational conferences and courses in each of my areas of specialty

It is my plan to continually add new services as the need arises and office space allows.

Please check the website frequently, as I will be continually adding new, original papers in the “Resources” section and updating other aspects of the website. I will also be adding many new educational videos on the website and a new YouTube channel.

Thanks again,

Dr. Russ

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