About Shore Behavioral Medicine

Expert Treatment In Monmouth County

When Shore Behavioral Medicine, previously known as Monmouth Behavioral Medicine, started operating in Manasquan, NJ, in December, 2013, its mission is to be the next step in what has been a 45-year search by Dr. Russell Ferstandig and his quest for knowledge about the best method to deliver psychiatry, behavioral medicine and addiction medicine to a large portion of the population.

Hopefully, after several months, Dr. Russ will add many new customized and highly effective services including real-time physiological training (biofeedback), use of custom audio-visual presentations for basic education in many core areas of SBM treatment, etc. in an effort to provide the all important accurate and meaningful fundamental information to individuals and their loved ones, necessary for the best treatment outcomes. Technology will be used to help reduce the cost of providing these simple, yet essential information/education services compared to the current cost of providing this critical information in one on one sessions.

Dr. Russ firmly believes that insufficient information and misinformation can be huge impediments to finding the best treatment options and most importantly obtaining the best treatment results as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible expense for each individual or family. However, even in the best scenarios, this work is very labor intensive due to the total customization of all treatment approaches.

Since SBM dose not participate “in network” with any insurance programs, although SBM does help patients obtain “out of network” benefits for SBM services and works aggressively to facilitate insurance coverage of prescribed medications, all SBM services at this point require that the patient is directly responsible for payment when the services are provided. Of course all SBM services are tax deductions.

At this point in his career, in addition to continuing to provide the best quality of care possible based on his last 35 years as a psychiatrist and addiction specialist, Dr. Russ will be adding to his standard medical practices, new communication techniques and teaching skills he developed working as a human expert with many Fortune 500 companies during the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.