Is Suboxone Effective For Opiate Withdrawal Control?

When taken properly, Suboxone is the most effective and easiest way to control opiate withdrawal. Using the Dr. Russ Suboxone Protocol, almost all of my patients have a 100% cessation of their opiate withdrawal symptoms within 3 hours of starting Suboxone. In fact, within three hours virtually everyone feels the way they did just prior to the way they felt before they took their first opiate.

Since the Dr. Russ Suboxone Protocol is based on human physiology and because the physiological changes that result from ongoing opiate intake are so consistent from individual to individual, it is essentially guaranteed that patients will succeed in ending their withdrawal symptoms and succeed in getting off of Suboxone when their brain is healed back to its pre-opiate state, provided that they 100% comply with the Dr. Russ Suboxone Protocol.

Unfortunately, there are two exceptions to healing 100%: 1) all people who become dependent on/addicted to opiates of any type will have a life long hypersensitivity to opiates, meaning that if they ever take opiates again, for any reason, their chance of rapidly becoming re-addicted is much higher than people who have never been opiate dependent/addicted; and 2) people who have taken methadone, even just once, have a slightly lower chance of their opiate altered brain totally healing, especially if they were part of a methadone maintenance program for at least several months and/or at doses in excess of 50 milligrams.