Our Practice Principles

There are basic commonalities for any services provided by Dr. Ferstandig, regardless of the setting or the nature of the services because Dr. Ferstandig’s basic beliefs, ethics and practices produce a totally consistent interaction with him.

1. All Contacts Are Highly Professional

“Professional,” as defined by Dr. Ferstandig, means that his personal beliefs and life issues have absolutely no role or effect upon patients’ and clients’ interactions with him. Therefore, all people are treated equally, without judgement.

2. All Contacts and Work Are Totally Customized and Individualized

One of the most unusual aspects of all services offered by Dr. Ferstandig is that all of them are totally customized for each individual. Put simply, this means that the services are custom designed for each individual, rather than the more common approach of making the individual fit into one of the predetermined services/treatment programs offered by a doctor. The net result is that all attempts are made to eliminate unnecessary services and the results for each individual are highly and carefully evaluated to ensure the best course of action.

3. Patients and Individuals Have Ample Time With The Doctor

Sadly, modern medicine is frequently characterized by long waits and extremely short visits with the doctor. The shortest possible visit with Dr. Ferstandig is a 15-minute visit that truly takes a quarter of an hour. Many visits involve between 45-60 minutes of time directly with him. When necessary visits can last up to several hours with the prior agreement of the patient and Dr. Ferstandig.

4. All Explanations and Therapy Techniques Are Easily Understandable

Dr. Ferstandig realizes that there is a wide range of knowledge amongst the people who come to see him and that frequently people are frustrated, if not insulted, when an expert speaks in terms that they cannot fully comprehend. Dr. Ferstandig prides himself in his ability to take complex concepts or highly detailed information and convert them into terms and analogies that each of the people he works with can easily understand, without loosing any essential parts of information. This is essential to make the most informed and beneficial decisions.

5. Patient Compliance Is a Requirement

Meaningful and lasting benefit occurs only if the patient is compliant with the treatment guidelines. Patients who are not compliant will be given a warning to help them become compliant. If they choose not to follow the guidelines and recommendations, they will be encouraged to seek treatment elsewhere. Of course Dr. Ferstandig realizes that difficulty taking action that leads to self-improvement is a common problem with behavioral health addictions issues and therefore will not terminate a patient if he feels that they are working to the best of their capabilities.