Psychiatry at Shore Behavioral Medicine

The medical arena where moods, thoughts and behaviors play a major role in how one perceives, thinks and behaves as they interact with their environment. Typically genetics plays a role in psychiatric symptoms through physiologic responses that are other than optimal. Many medical problems also have psychiatric components due to hormonal imbalances, altered neurotransmitter activity, lesions and neurological problems.

After careful identification and diagnosis by a trained individual, typically there are specific medications that can help restore most hormonal, neurotransmitter and neurologic function to normal.

Dr. Russ has functioned as a trained psychiatrist, who became board certified in psychiatry and neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in 1981 in a wide range of medical capacities, including private practitioner, medical director, department head, executive director as a lead psychiatric emergency room doctor at LA County/USC Medical Center. These experiences have helped Dr. Russ finely hone is diagnostic and therapeutic skills.


  • In-depth Evaluation by Dr. Russ which includes history, assessment, treatment plan formulation and initial treatment steps. These evaluations last 60 minutes and costs $350.
  • For psychiatry follow-up, visits vary from 15 minutes for medication renewal or follow-up and cost $150, 30 minutes when more time and therapy are needed and cost $250, $350 for one hour and longer based on the rate of $350/hour.
  • Medication Management, conducted by Dr. Russ or one of his medical staff. These evaluations last 15-30 minutes and cost $150 – 250, based on length.
  • Therapy Sessions, conducted by Dr. Russ or one of his medical staff. These sessions last 30-120 minutes and cost $250 – and up, based on length and type of therapy.
  • Group Therapy conducted by Dr. Russ or one of his professional staff to address specific issues. Participants must have an evaluation by Dr. Russ to insure suitability and compatibility for specific groups.
  • Custom Sessions, conducted solely by Dr. Russ as part of a global treatment design and treatment package. Costs are based on treatment design and based on component services.