About Dr. Russell Ferstandig

Dr. Ferstandig, or as his patients call him, Dr. Russ, is a psychiatrist with over 35 years of experience in general psychiatry, behavioral and addiction medicine, and biofeedback. He received his board certification in psychiatry in 1981, certification in addiction medicine in 1994, a waiver/certification to dispense Suboxone from the Drug Enforcement Agency in 2006, and board certification by the newly formed American Board of Addiction Medicine March in 2013.

During his 35 years working as a psychiatrist, he has successfully treated patients in many different settings with an extremely wide range of psychiatric symptoms. In the 1980’s, he added addiction medicine to his areas of expertise. With the help of Suboxone® and experience from treating hundreds of opiate abusing patients with extremely high rates of lasting sobriety, he has developed and refined a comprehensive opiate treatment program which will be the basis of Shore Behavioral Medicine's opiate treatment program.

In addition to his medical work in behavioral health, Dr. Russ has also worked as a medical-surgical emergency room doctor in community hospital emergency rooms as well as in the extremely busy main admitting room of Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center in Los Angeles. His ER work plus his medical and surgical internship have helped Dr. Russ develop a more extensive understanding of the connection between the mind and the body than the typical psychiatrist. This understanding is invaluable when dealing with physical problems related to stress, depression, anxiety and behavioral problems.

In the mid 1980’s (before the Internet and email) Dr. Russ realized that any method to help people better understand mental health issues would be an asset to his medical work. In 1987, he put his psychiatric and medical work on hold and returned to school full-time to obtain a Masters from NYU in Interactive Electronic Communications so that he would better understand how people would relate to and adjust to the then brand new Internet and emerging electronic interactive communications. Dr. Russ has continued to closely monitor and research the many impacts of the Internet and interactive technologies as they have rapidly altered how people interact with each other.

While at NYU, Dr. Ferstandig began his more than 15 years experience as a human behavior consultant to many Fortune 50 and 500 companies like Procter and Gamble, General Mills, AT&T and Sony; plus a number of extended consulting roles at entertainment companies like Miramax Films, Dimension Films, Columbia Pictures, ABC, NBC and CBS; and several government consulting jobs with the US Department of Justice, US House of Representatives and the US Office of Technology Assessment.

While it might seem that his consulting work is unrelated to his work as a doctor, Dr. Russ has been able to improve the quality and efficacy of his medical work by incorporating highly specialized communication skills he learned as a human behavior consultant and creative strategist for many major marketing campaigns as well as chief strategist for all of the TV commercials and trailers for more than 300 Miramax and Dimension Films feature movies.

Dr. Russ’ newest medical venture, the Shore Behavioral Medicine in Manasquan in Monmouth County, NJ, integrates all of his medical knowledge and experience with highly innovative uses of A/V technology and neural training/biofeedback to generate new and highly effective treatment techniques.