Testimonials for Shore Behavioral Medicine

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I met Dr. Russ shortly after my father's suicide and years of abusing pain medication and opiates after an injury in Iraq. He literally saved my life, has been very professional and honest, and never judged or gave up on me after two short relapses. I have been clean from opiates for 2 years now thanks to Dr. Russ. He has helped me maintain a positive life, and has gone way beyond the call of duty. By the work we have done together, I no longer have to deal with the insanity of the VA hospital, and he has been more vital to my future because for the first time ever I have found a Psychiatrist that I have complete trust in. By far the best doctor I've ever worked with and continue to make strides.

He is a great doctor. He spends ATLEAST an 1 hour (no less) with you at your first visit ... my first visit was a lil over 2 years ago and I believe it lasted a lil under 2 hours (was atleast 1 1/2 hrs) and every visit he actually listens and takes his time with you, it's never in and out with meds! I've been in his office longer than I've wanted to be cuz he talked to me and explained things to me until I felt comfortable n understood everything about my conditions and about the drugs he was prescribing for them! Dr. Russ has helped me tremendously with my drug addiction as well as my mental health. God Bless this doctor!

Excellent Dr. He got me back on track with my whole life dr russ is a life saver and every session is at least 30 mins and he remembers everything and always is helping you find new ways to think positive.And all new staff is amaizing.

This Dr is Amazing. He listens to everything and I recomend him wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to be CLEAN OFF DRUGS FOR LIFE.HES THE BEST!

Dr. Ferstandig is a man of integrity. To me there isn't a better compliment you can give man. On my FIRST APPOINTMENT for general psychiatry for stress and feeling completely overwhelmed, I missed my appointment not once but twice. These were due to extenuating circumstances. I had been battling with serious psychiatric breakdown and I did not use drugs. You looked at me standing in his office, completely vulnerable and said, come inside for two minutes so we can work this out. He asked me straight out if I was on drugs to which I no sir. I told him quickly about the stresses of being a husband, father, having two small children, sole provider as well as owning a company that i growing by the second and all the weight on me was about to cause me to break. He asked if I cold come back at 7pm that evening. Of course I said yes. I came back that evening ant that gentlemen cares about your well-being. He ended up taking with me will 11pm. 4 Hours. You want to know why? Because is a true healer. I very well could have saved my life that night and I could not say a better thing about the man. He's genuine. Thanks for the continued help Dr. Russ.

After spending years of being misdiagnosed and struggling with keeping jobs and relationships trying to dealing with my extreme adhd, I met Dr. Russ. He came very highly recommended to me from a close personal friend who had been a patient of his for many years. Dr. Russ sat down and spoke with me about things that had happened in my life and asked me what goals i was looking to accomplish to find an over all balance and happiness that would help me live a more healthy stable life. So with his help and expertise we devised a plan to get my priorities in the right place and start building the career id always strived for but could never achieve. And now thanks to Dr Russ's help i started aggressively climbing towards my goal of being a chef in one of the most prestigious Restaurants in my area. Now fast forwarding 2 years later ,I have my dream job and have just bought my first house with my beautiful fiance who im so blessed to have...... Anyway long story short Dr Russ really helped me straighten my life out. Hes an amazing doctor and i dont know how i would of done it without him. I actually still travel all the way from Albany NY to see him every month still even after I relocated . Hes been instrumental in the continuing my ongoing progress and mental well being. Thank you Dr Russ for your professionalism and guidance which helped facilitate my positive like changes.

I have been on psych meds my entire adult life. I know a thing or two about psychiatrists. I have had good ones, and bad ones.. but never great ones. I am telling you, this man is absolutely wholeheartedly a great doctor. I saw someone make a comment about this dr getting people addicted to medications? I don't go to him for substance abuse, so I don't know how that goes.. but one thing I do know is that when I go to a psychiatrist I expect to be leaving with medication. Then, I do some googling and ask my pharmacist if I have questions that arise after my doc visit. He isn't a psychologist. He isn't going to be able to fix your life with weekly talk sessions. He is there to perscribe medication to people who need it. If you have a drug problem and don't want to take anything, go to a rehab. The word on the street is that this man is brilliant when it comes to substance abuse as well. It's really hard to see into someone's brain, and tell what type of medications they will need. If you tell him you have really bad depression, he can choose from A wide variety of medication but it doesn't mean that you will respond to the medication the same way the person who was in before you would. It just really grinds my gears that anyone would dare to criticize a doctor for prescribing them medication. If you are against that type, or don't feel comfortable taking it, then don't! He is a psychiatrist, and substance abuse doctor. Trust me I have seen enough to know when I see a good one. I was very reluctant to switch because I actually didn't think there were any good doctors left in the area. Currently I'm paying oop, and hopefully will be reimbursed but this doctor is worth every penny.

I started off with 1/2, then 1 and then 2 over the period of the evening. You have no idea how much this is helping me. I was very reluctant to request anything for anxiety, because I hate to look like I'm seeking out drugs, but boy am I so glad I did. I was able to quickly mix up some homemade bath paint for the kids to paint the tub. They had a blast. This is something I haven't done in 5 years, since the last time I was prescribed to kolonipin. The fear of the mess prevents me from doing a lot of activities with the children. I finally remember what it was like to not feel crippled with anxiety. I can't wait. If it's nice out tomorrow I'll take the baby to the park, or a walk. Thanks so much doctor. You are a special one.

"Ive been seeing Dr. Ferstandig for over a year. Basically, I came to see him. I was in big trouble and he pretty much talked me off the ledge. Hes given me good support, always been there for me, always picked up the phone. Pretty much now I hold down my job, got my wife back, my family. Everythings going good. If it wasnt for Dr. Ferstandig, I wouldnt be here today. Im healthy, happy and he pretty much saved my life."

My name is Trish. I've been struggling with Anxiety, depression, the whole 9 yards for many years on top of the past several with opiate addiction.

I have always imagined the way my life was beforehand but I never really felt it before I was recommended to see Dr. Ferstandig by my friend Mel (a fellow gym member and a fantastic hair dresser btw.)

Coming in as a new patient I was skeptical as I've seen various Dr.'s and never had any changes in myself just changes in medications that were tossed my way. I must truly tell you that within a week of following Dr. Russ's advice and instructions to the tee (and I mean in order to succeed you MUST and I can not stress it enough follow his spoken and written formula on Suboxone/Subutex from A to Z with NO EXCEPTIONS!)..

I personally within just 7 days went from physically feeling 0% myself to at least 70% my true self, the woman that I was before I ever encountered an opiate. Now I am totally looking forward to being 100% me again and I absolutely can't wait!!! In such a short time not only did I feel it within myself but others around me noticed a dramatic change. My husband actually said to me "Wow, the girl I married is shinning thru"! That compliment was just as precious to me as the words "I do" ..

I can not thank Dr. Russ enough for all he has done in such a short time. In addition, his right hand assistant Judy is also so friendly, amazing and extremely helpful.

So...Here's to my continued progress & success and to yours....

With Dr. Russ you are Guaranteed TO & WILL SUCCEED!

Trish P.

"My name is Tom and I've been seeing Doctor Russell Ferstanding for a while he is definitely a great doctor, saved my life on multiple occasions. He is a really great guy and really good at what he does so trust him and listen to what he tells you to do or else its not going to work out."

"Hi I'm Heather, I've been a patient of Doctor Ferstandings for about 7 months now, I transferred from another doctor who was just basically writing me prescriptions, since I transferred here its been a completely different experience, its been more of a 1 on 1 with Doctor Frestanding, more of a treatment program then just getting regular medications. It is beyond anything I would have even expected and I am very happy and would suggest this program I am very happy and would suggest this program to anybody who would ask."

"I have known Dr. Ferstandig and been his patient for more than eight years. During that time he has dealt with a wide range of my problems including, opiate addiction, chronic pain from an accident, custody battles, DYFS battles, family and friends problems, and a bunch of psychiatric issues including depression, anxiety and the loss of my daughter.

When I was actively using drugs, there were times I lied to him and tried to scam him, but he still supported me because he will support anyone who has potential and shows genuine evidence of wanting to improve their life. Today it is hard to remember my daily reality when I first met Dr. Russ, because I am such a changed person today because of his help.

During a relapse about a year ago I found out that I was pregnant. I was being advised to terminate the pregnancy because supposedly my child would be born an opiate addict. I shared my problems with Dr. Russ, who was so kind and supportive, plus he told me that he could help me deal with the pregnancy and my relapse with basically no negative impact on the baby. He was so sensitive to my personal and religious beliefs and offered me amazing medical care through my pregnancy and since the birth of my healthy child. I do not think that I would have made the correct decisions had he not been there to help and support me.
Recently one of the Ocean County judges who ruled on many of my past custody problems called me up to the bench while still on the record to tell me how proud he is of the changes that I have made in my life. He told me that he almost never takes the effort or time to congratulate people who appear before him, but felt he needed to because the changes that I have made are so huge and apparent that he wanted to share his pleasure about my growth and life rehabilitation with me.

There is no doubt that without Dr. Russ' help my life would be a mess today, assuming that I would still be alive. Although the judge has not met Dr. Russ personally, he told me that I was very lucky to have such a fine and unusual doctor who cares and is as skilled as Dr. Russ. He also said that he wished that there were more doctors like Dr. Russ in Ocean County.

I know that the judge was right when he said Dr. Russ is an exceptional and highly unusual doctor. God was watching over me when I found Dr. Russ. I am honored to have him in my life."

Melanie A.

"I have been going to Doctor Ferstanding since April 2012, I would say I've had the best outcome with my treatment since I've been seeing him, not only with my suboxin treatment or anything else, anything concerning my lively hood , he sits there an listens to me, and it makes me feel good to know that he cares and is compassionate for my substitution. Which makes a recommendation for him, for anyone else would be the smallest of things I could do for him, for as much as he's done for me. So Thank you."

"The doctor knows exactly what he's doing when with prescribing the medication and the doses.He is a very kind and compassionate doctor. I was going through a lot of things in my life and I had a problem. Now I'm very happy in my life, very content. It's all because of Dr. Ferstandig and I thank him very much."

"Dr. Russell Ferstandig is the best Dr. I have ever had. He is a wonderful man, who really cares about his patients well being. His custom therapy sessions are quite intense, and productive. This Dr. has changed my life to the best it has ever been and I will be forever grateful that he helped me get my life back on track. Thank you Doc! You saved my life!"